OWNA helps you manage your ordering, receiving, discrepancy monitoring and supplier payments.
We also help you to request, receive and compare quotes, making it easier than ever to save money.
This is the solution you didn’t know you needed for your business.

OWNA empowers your most important asset

OWNA is an iOS App that enables your key employees to be on the same page for managing your suppliers.
We provide select employees with cross‑function transparency and the ability to manage supplier‑related processes.
The time they save through our streamlined workflow, will give them more time to do the job you employed them to do.

Connecting your key employees

Every business employs staff to purchase, receive and enter data into an accounting program.
In a large business, this could be the ‘Purchaser’, the ‘Stock Controller’ and the ‘Accountant’.
Or, if you’re an owner-operator, you hold all of these positions.

Regardless of whether you’re big, small, or somewhere in-between, OWNA provides transparency in all your supplier interactions. The accountant can see how much stock is being ordered, the purchaser can look at invoice discrepancies, and the stock controller can check for overdue purchase orders.

Benefits for small and medium businesses

Most small or medium-sized businesses are going to be stretched to employ someone in a supplier management role. This isn’t a bad thing. You’re running a lean business where your employees are directed towards your primary business purpose. Your size is your strength with OWNA.

Anyone can order. Anyone can receive stock. Anyone can take action with invoice discrepancies. Anyone can approve these invoices. Anyone can send the approved invoice to their accountant or accounting software. Anyone can request a quote, to see if they’re getting the best deal around.

We keep you and your team flexible, so you can spend more time on your core job.

How does it work?

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  • 1-5 users
  • unlimited orders
  • unlimited quote requests
  • upload up to 200 lines



  • 6-15 users
  • unlimited orders
  • unlimited quote requests
  • upload up to 500 lines



  • 16-30 users
  • unlimited orders
  • unlimited quote requests
  • upload up to 1000 lines