OWNA and QuickBooks Creates the Ultimate Supplier Management Solution for iOS devices

You’ve just made your accountants job a lot easier. You’ve managed to source cheaper prices, stay on top of invoice discrepancies, and become more productive in your job through having more time to do the activities that make you money.

You probably don’t know this, but you’ve also saved them the hassle of having to manually input the invoice data.

OWNA connects seamlessly and securely with QuickBooks. All your approved invoices can be transferred securely to the company’s QuickBooks account. It’s that simple.

OWNA transfers the important invoice particulars, as well as the invoice image and any correspondence associated with the invoice (between the user and supplier).

OWNA is watching your invoices, so you can pay your suppliers with confidence, knowing that every invoice discrepancy has been dealt with. OWNA is the tool you need to help you more effectively manage your suppliers, and our partnership with QuickBooks gives you the confidence to pay the expenses knowing that every invoice has been checked.